This cooling pillow could help you sleep in the heat: 'like magic it keeps you cool'

A chillow will ensure a cool night’s sleep. (Getty Images)

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There are lots of things that we love about the warm weather.

If we’ve got the day off, we adore basking in the sun, tucking into a juicy novel and enjoying an Aperol Spritz (or two) from under our sun hat.

And if we’re working, then having the windows and doors open to let the warmth in as we tap away at our laptop makes Zoom calls seem more bearable. Plus, it means we can enjoy a toasty lunchtime walk.

What we don’t love is trying to get to sleep - and then stay asleep - when the temperatures are soaring and we feel hot, sweaty and frustrated.

Short of putting our pillowcase in the freezer (we always forget) or investing in a fan (if we can get our hands on one), we were all out of ideas for how to ensure a good night’s sleep until we came across the LIVIVO Cooling Gel Pillow.

The chillow (as we’ve affectionately named it) can be tucked into your pillowcase and will keep you cool all night long.

Dreamy, right?

Why we love it:

We love anything that promises a restful night sleep in the middle of a heatwave right now.

Plus, this versatile pad requires no refrigeration (although you can if you wish) and no electricity to work, simply slip it inside your pillowcase and get ready for a great sleep.

How it works:

The chillow helps improve the quality of your sleep by absorbing and dissipating heat away from the head and neck throughout the night, to maintain a cool and optimal sleeping temperature. The innovative inner cooling gel works by drawing heat away from the body and into the gel pillow, leaving you feeling cool and relaxed and ready to enjoy a great night's sleep, especially during the hot summer months. 

What the reviews say:

With almost 1,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s clear that heat-savvy shoppers are already stocking up.

  • “We have no aircon so bedroom temps were over 30 degrees, the gel pillow provided a lot of comfort and enabled me to get to sleep.”

  • “This is an essential for the menopause, no more noisy fans in the middle of the night I just stick this behind my head and cool down in seconds.”

  • “Just place it under your pillow and like magic it keeps you cool. Love it.”

  • “Great at cooling me down at night during a hot flush/night sweat. I pop one inside the pillow on the underside & flip it over when I need to cool down. Only lasts an hour probably but then I just flip the pillow back to the cool side and wait for the next one.”

  • “Just love this little pillow. I cant sleep on a warm pilloww and spend half the night turning my pillow from on side to the other but with this i sleep all night as it stays lovely and cool. Would definitely recommend 5*.”

    Other customers recommend buying two for extra longevity:

  • “Listened to other reviews and yes they don't stay cool all night so I bought 2 and put in either side of my pillow case so when I wake up in the night I just turn the pillow over and have more hours of cool to come.”

  • “These stay cold however as per other reviews they do warm up which is what the gel will do. For the price I have ordered 2 so when one warms up It was be swapped in the middle of the night if still hot.”

Buy it: LIVIVO Cooling Gel Pillow | £6.95 from Amazon