What is a 'continuous' zoom lens for a smartphone and what is it good for?

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Oppo has been working on innovations for the zoom technology in smartphone cameras.

Chinese manufacturer Oppo has revealed that it is working on a revolutionary "continuous" optical zoom. This means that it would become possible to zoom in smoothly with great precision to a certain level without going through steps or digital aids. With this new technology, Oppo is paving the way for new, unprecedented possibilities when it comes to cell-phone photography.

It was at its Oppo Future Imaging Technology conference that the manufacturer unveiled this innovation, which is still at the laboratory testing stage.

This 85-200mm continuous optical zoom lens allows for extremely smooth zooming that no longer has to be done in a "hybrid" fashion, meaning mixing optical and digital as is the case today. No fewer than seven lenses, grouped in three groups, with a magneto-resistance tunneling (TMR) sensor guarantee greater stability and precision. The idea is to be able to capture sharp images at every level of magnification, regardless of the type of subject, be it portraits or landscapes.

With this new technology, Oppo is further breaking down the barriers between smartphones and professional cameras. The manufacturer also explained in its presentation that this technology provides much more stability and avoids common problems of jitter or inaccurate white balance. It remains to be seen which model will be the first to welcome this new zoom lens.

At the same event Oppo also presented a brand new RGBW sensor as well as five-axis optical image stabilization technology and a next-generation under-screen camera.

Oppo is now the fourth largest seller of smartphones in the world behind Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple, according to the latest data from IDC.

David Bénard

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