Your Confirm Plus Chop Guide To Eating Durian Healthfully

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It’s durian season! And with the recent spread of COVID-19 in Singapore, the price of popular musang king durians plunges in neighbouring country Malaysia by between 20 and 50 percent—meaning they are so cheap now, there’s no better time to buy.

But let’s face it, much as you say you can eat durian all-day, every day—it’s a little too much and better that shouldn’t (because of both health and practicality). And for new mums and mums-to-be, you already know it—consume with caution!

And speaking of caution, while most of us eat durian on its own, some choose to eat the King of Fruits with some pairings. But did you know that there are certain food and drink that you shouldn’t mix or consume with durian? Here’s the confirm plus chop guide to eating durian healthfully and a list of what you can and cannot eat or drink while consuming durian!


Smelly But So Good


Speaking about durians, they are no stranger to many Asians, especially Singaporeans. 


durian fruit benefits

Buttery and creamy, durian is well-loved in many Asian countries, plus there are many durian fruit benefits. | Photo: iStock

With its regal yellow hue, super creamy texture and fleshy interior, it is hard not to love this exotic Asian fruit that has become a favourite in many Southeast Asian households. Its depth of flavours is just something out of this world, probably like Singapore, the more layers you uncover, the more you fall in love with its sweet (or sometimes bitter) core that simply melts in your mouth.

Durians are also considered to be nutritious among other fruit varieties, if consumed in moderation. Even for mums during confinement and pregnancy, durians come up as a hot topic.

For some though, durians get a bad rap for giving off a pungent smell and gets called “repulsive” and smells like feet, among other nasty names. But durians are said to be an acquired taste


Therein lies its charm. You either love it, or hate it.


Your Confirm Plus Chop Guide To Eating Durian: What To Pair or Not


If you love durians, then you definitely want to get the best out of your eating experience. You can enjoy durian in so many delicious forms: crispy durian pancake, durian cakes, in a cold or hot dessert, the list goes on. 


While they are relatively harmless and not as scary people make them out to be, there are certain food and drink you should NEVER pair durian with. 


Alcohol + Durian = Confirm cannot


Chances are, you have heard of this one growing up. Is it a myth that consuming durians with alcohol can actually kill you? 


A common myth when it comes to pairing durian with especially, beer. | Photo: iStock


According to Changi General Hospital’s Dietetics and Food Services department, there is no scientific evidence that this combination can kill you, but excessive amounts can be detrimental to your health. 


The sulfur-like compounds present in durian limits the body’s ability to break down toxins from the alcohol, leading one to experience bloating and indigestion to even heart palpitations.


Besides, who consumes just a bit of durian and alcohol… So just to be on the safe side, skip it entirely! 


Curry or Soup + Durian = Confirm can


durian fruit benefits


No, you didn’t read that wrong. Durian and curry.


A heavenly mix when you add the unripe durian pulp, cooked to perfection in spicy curry gravy. The outcome? It tastes like potatoes.


Beef or Mutton + Durian = Confirm cannot


Photo: iStock


We suggest keeping durian and beef or mutton away from each other. Both beef and durian are considered warm foods. It is said that the combination could lead to inflammation, causing one to fall ill. 


Sounds like a nasty match so we’ll skip that. 


Chilli + Durian = Can… but in moderation


Photo: iStock


Have you heard of durian kerabu? It includes a refreshing mix of the durian pulp together with sliced chilli and cucumber, and some lime and sugar. 


If you’re a fan of sambal belacan, you can stir fermented durian pulp with sambal (durian tempoyak). Add it to your fried fish as a side dip.


However, because chilli is known to be heaty—so is durian—it is not recommended to have them in excess. Bloating and constipation are just few of the symptoms. Apart from chilli, spices like garlic, pepper and mustard are also classified as foods of body-warming nature.


Milk + Durian = Confirm cannot


Photo: iStock


Myths say that it can be dangerous to consume durian and milk together. While there is no conclusive scientific evidence that the combination proves fatal, there has been a case where a Chinese man died from eating too much durians and then drinking milk after. 


It is best to avoid eating any dairy products within 8 hours of eating durian. 


Coffee + Durian = Can… but in moderation


You can still enjoy your coffee with durian, but take caution. | Photo: iStock


Durian is typically sweet and coffee, bitter: this bittersweet combination makes it an ideal treat. However, take caution because the pairing could lead to indigestion, bloating or stomach discomfort especially in excessive amounts.


The body will have to take extra effort to metabolise the sugar from durian, together with the caffeine from coffee. Same goes for other caffeinated drinks as well. 


Just be sure to have them in moderation, at most two to three seeds. Or you could try blending 1/4 cup of durian flesh with 1/2 cup black coffee for a good fancy shake!


Watermelon + Durian = Confirm cannot 


Photo: iStock


It is said that mixing watermelon with durian can cause indigestion. This comes from an owner of a durian farm in Balik Pulau, Malaysia. Believe it or not, it’s up to you. 


Rice + Durian = Confirm can


durian fruit benefits

Durian fruit benefits are aplenty if consumed in moderation. | Photo: iStock


Mmm, this is such a delicious and fragrant combination. Warm sticky rice drizzled with coconut milk, topped with fleshy durian. You can opt for steamed rice too! In fact, it is a popular Asian dish in Indonesia. But like all good things, consume in moderation.


Medication + Durian = Confirm cannot


Photo: istock


Consuming durians not only induces a warming sensation, it also increases your blood sugar. Like with all medications, it is not recommended to consume them with anything else other than water. 


Especially for diabetes medication as consumption of durians might interfere with its effects of lowering blood sugar, do not take them with or after consuming durians, just to be on the safe side.


Durian Fruit Benefits


According to Healthline, there are many durian fruit benefits to consuming durian—those you never thought possible. They include:

And as the saying goes: ‘too much of anything is bad’. Though durians are nutritious and tasty, you are encouraged to consume durians in moderation.


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