Coney Reyes sings praises of younger female co-stars

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

18 Dec – Veteran actress Coney Reyes has nothing but good things to say about her younger drama co-stars Carla Abellana and Rhian Ramos, as she recently took to social media just to express how much she enjoyed working with them.

As reported on GMA News, the actress recently posted a photo from a scene of her GMA drama, "Love of My Life", in which her character could be seen confronting both Ramos and Abellana. She wrote, "Happy to be working for the first time in a TV drama with Carla Abellana and Rhian Ramos. These two young actresses exhibit excellent work ethics and display remarkable acting skills. I would say they are underrated."

"Through time, I know they will get even better and shine even brighter! Such gems of GMA," she added.

Ramos couldn't help but feel elated with the acknowledgement coming from the award-winning icon, and posted on the comment section, "Oh wow! Thank you Tita Coney, it's such a blessing to be working with you."

"Love of My Life" stars Reyes as the matriarch of the Gonzales family, who would stop at nothing to get what's best for her family. The drama co-stars Mikael Daez and Tom Rodriguez.

(Photo Source: Coney Reyes Instagram)