This Company Will Pay for Your Vacation If It Rains — What to Know

WeatherPromise offers insurance packages to provide relief for travelers who are worried about the what nature may bring on their trip.

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A rainy day can ruin a long-planned vacation, but a new company is aiming to provide some peace of mind.

, a tech company that launched February, offers travel protection services and full vacation refunds if it rains for a pre-specified duration of a trip with the help of artificial intelligence. The company will refund everything from hotel reservations, theme park and sports tickets, activities, and other purchases made around a vacation.

“I realize how big an investment travel is and the worry that every trip needs to be perfect — that's where WeatherPromise comes in,” WeatherPromise co-Founder Dan Price told Travel + Leisure. “Every WeatherPromise is custom-created and selected for you and your trip...Our AI engine looks at where you are going, when you will be there, and what we expect the weather to be.” 

While each WeatherPromise guarantee can differ depending on the trip duration and location, Travel + Leisure spotted packages available for between $262 and $307 to cover a 7-day $5,000 trip, which provides a refund if there are several days of measurable rain. 

For example, if a traveler booked a vacation costing $5,000 from Sept. 1 through Sept. 15 in Miami, they would only receive the weather guarantee payment if it rained for at least six days during the trip. In this particular scenario, the company says they measure a day of rain "if it rains at least 4 hours between 8 am and 8 pm." The company adds that a measurement of an hour of rain is at least .06 inches of rain per hour. The coverage for the trip would cost $250.05.

"Some have kids and some look for nightlife. Some of us love mountain climbing while others look for quiet secluded beaches or to explore ancient archeological sites" Price told T+L. "Whatever your passion is, our AI engine looks at thousands of other trips like yours, crunches our 55 terabytes of data, and suggests the best WeatherPromise for you and your exact trip."

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