These Colors Will Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger, According to Designers

blue kitchen
16 Designer Paint Color Ideas for Small KitchensMikhail Loskutov

Meal prep can feel claustrophobic and boring in a tiny kitchen, no matter how stocked your cabinets are. But the missing ingredient to your design woes can be as simple as painting the modestly-sized space! Choosing the perfect paint colors for your small kitchen can drastically shrink the budget of your renovation plans. Sometimes, all you need is a bold kitchen cabinet paint color to change how you view the heart of your home! Whether you're preparing an intimate meal for a loved one or an elaborate spread for friends around your kitchen island, painting your kitchen is weekend-long project that’ll help set the stage for hosting guests.

The right kitchen paint color can expand the walls of your tiny kitchen without breaking the bank and inspire your creativity to think big in tight quarters. While white continues to reign as a popular choice (it's a crowd-pleasing hue that creates the illusion of space and less clutter) you don't have a play it safe. Not a fan of neutrals? Skip to soothing colors like sage or a gray-blue, or opt for finishes that add luster like a high-gloss or satin. The major design secret to making your kitchen look massive is committing to the preexisting color scheme in your home. This will stretch out the color story and maintain the flow, even if you only paint the kitchen cabinets. We looked to experts for paint inspiration and clever storage ideas that maximize space. Below, you'll find small kitchen paint color ideas that'll prove the limitless power of choosing the right colors in your home.

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Shades of Blue

Serene and welcoming, this kitchen by Garrow Kedigian is the perfect starting point for introducing a peaceful hue into your space. It's a clever way to designate a kitchen's different zones and make it appear bigger by using three blue shades to create depth. Stretching the lightest one up to the ceiling emphasizes its height, making this space feel airy.

light blue kitchen
Trevor Parker

Leafy Green

If your kitchen leads to the outdoors, bring nature in by painting the floors a rich, grass-like green. Set up your bar cart and nature-inspired art to keep the laid-back feel going.

white kitchen with green floors
Savage Gibson

Navy Blue and Brass

Reena Ravi saw an opportunity to give her open-concept Seattle studio space a makeover after a flood. Aiming for "sultry urban glam," Ravis used brass as the starting point and ran with it. "It's a small but interesting space, with lots of details to discover," Ravi says.

navy blue and gold kitchen
Miranda Estes

Terracotta Orange

Yes, you can bring color into a farmhouse kitchen. This deep orange hue complements the rustic feel and charm, bringing out the rust color in the kitchen backsplash. Take things up a nothing by painting the insides of the lantern white to reflect more light onto the kitchen island.

orange cabinets
David Duncan Livingston

Pale Yellow

To make a narrow galley kitchen feel spacious, choose a cool, pale yellow that rivals the sun. It will bring a cheery disposition to your mornings, whether you are washing dishes or enjoying a cup of coffee.

pale yellow kitchen cabinets
Amy Neunsinger


Understated but edgy, this mauve shade brings the drama without the fuss. Designer Celia Bryson chose a quiet but alluring alternative to the traditional barn red the homeowner was originally considering.

mauve cabinets in kitchen
Patrick Biller

Mint Green

Justina Blakeney designed a "jungalow"coated in green from the counters to the tile. If your kitchen is also your dining room, a monochromatic look adds fun and intrigue. Even the ombre dining bar stools in the living room keep the theme going!

pale green kitchen
David Tsay

Red Orange

Go big in a narrow kitchen by choosing a vibrant, red-orange paint color! It will make your kitchen full of zest and life as proven by designer Matthew Boland, who sought to bring life to a Florida kitchen's cabinetry. Tame the color with white walls and stainless steel appliances.

orange kitchen
Nickolas Sargent

Flamingo Pink

Here's a pink that'll add an extra pep to your kitchen dance parties. It is a punchy accent color that goes well with any color, especially when it is color blocked. Bring the color to the floor if you want twice the impact.

pink colorful kitchen
Marco Bertolini


Since this kitchen opens up to the dining and living room area, Hecker Guthrie chose hardware-free cabinets and a sleek white color so it blends into the background. The warm white and blush pink chairs, and pearl/ivory marble table is the jeweled prize of the space.

all white kitchen
Hecker Guthrie

Orange and Sky Blue

For a contemporary look, add some fun with bold colors and geometric shapes. Since you have to spend most of your time at home, why not make it a fun place to be? Take notes from this kitchen designed by Dries Otten that reflects the interpretation of classic Art Deco features.

orange and baby blue kitchen
Dries Otten

Bubble Gum Pink and Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue and pink are a modern color combination worth the commitment. In his Brooklyn apartment, Crosby Studios designer Harry Nuriev gets to look through a rose-colored window every day, so he took this hue into the small but mighty kitchen.

blue and white kitchen
Mikhail Loskutov

Olive Green

This kitchen screams zen—and that less can be more! How can anyone notice the size of your kitchen when it feels like a judgment-free zone upon entry? The pairing of the olive paint and silver hardware adds a pop if you're looking for more of a spark.

olive green small kitchen
Fantastic Frank

Brick Red

If you have a marble backsplash, pull out one of the colors or undertones to take center stage with your cabinets. The gold accents in hardware and accessories bring the glam and elegance your kitchen is missing.

red cabinets in kitchen
Douglas Friedman

Sea Foam Green

In this Georgia kitchen, designer Laura Jenkins turned some cabinets near the built-in refrigerator into a mudroom closet. The ocean of green and blue effortlessly conceals a coffee station and pantry, causing the room to feel bigger.

sea foam blue and green
Jeff Herr

Glossy Black

This dramatic galley kitchen New York apartment designed by Nannette Brown is an absolute showstopper. The windows floods the space with light and reflect off the back tile and black trim. Plus, it proves you can maximize your dining arrangements with a nook for a built-in bench.

black kitchen
Chris Mottalini

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