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College student nearly misses final exam due to miscommunication: ‘This is my worst nightmare’

Finals week can be one of the most stressful times of the year for college students, and this TikToker nearly reached her breaking point.

Abbie Waddell (@abbiewaddell) worked all weekend on an approved one-page cheat sheet for a final in her science exam. She continued to study, check the syllabus and work on her notes when she read something that sent her into a panic.

“Syllabus said exam was this morning at 8:30,” she said. “It’s 10:30 when I’m reading that. I f****** panic.”

Already two hours late, she sent her notes to her email so she could print them at the library and dashed out the door.

“Grab my keys, phone [and] pencil. That’s it,” she said. “Get in my car. Drive like a f****** crazy lunatic to the library.”

However, she couldn’t print her cheat sheet because the email didn’t go through. After that, she went to the building for her final, frantically roaming the halls looking for the correct room.

When she got to the correct room, it was empty. She then barged into a random office, asking a woman where her professor was.

“She was like, ‘Oh are you here about the science exam?” Waddell said. “She was like, ‘Your exam is tomorrow. There was a miscommunication.’”

Although relieved she didn’t miss the exam, Waddell was not happy about the stress.

“This is my worst nightmare,” replied @sydneyjame.s.

“We all got at least 1 nightmare college story like this,” said @zachluebeck.

Waddell’s high stress levels are common among students around this time of the year. The American Addiction Center did a survey in 2022 and found that exams were the biggest stressor among the group.

Many colleges and universities have resources for students to use during finals week to cope. The suggestions include taking a break, staying active and limiting caffeine intake.

There are several other ways to lower stress levels, and college students — miscommunications aside — can take full advantage of them.

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