Colleen Lau changes business method to ensure longevity

9 Apr – Colleen Lau recently admitted her cafe is one of the many businesses that have been affected by the current pandemic.

As reported on Wenweipo, the singer who opened her cafe in To Kwa Wan in December, revealed that hundreds of thousands have been loss shortly after opening because of COVID-19 that she even contemplated stopping the business to halt further loss.

"But when business is affected, employees are the first to bear the brunt. But I would rather not have them lose their job," she said.

In the end, Colleen said that she decided not to shut down the business, but change the selling method instead.

"I think a lot of people prefer takeaways, so we decided to do that instead and become a supplier to reduce cost," she said.

Colleen also stated that they will ensure to pay attention to hygiene by disinfecting the cafe regularly and switch to disposable tableware to increase customers' confidence.

(Photo Source: Colleen Lau Instagram)