Colin Farrell regrets hair dye disaster

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell recently had to call a friend for help after he used an at-home dye kit on his locks.

Earlier this month, the actor decided to drastically change his look to celebrate the end of filming BBC series The North Water.

Colin had been in the North Pole on the set of the four-part drama, alongside co-stars Stephen Graham and Jack O'Connell, and wanted to overhaul his look after playing the brutish character of Henry Drax when he returned home to Los Angeles. However, he hated the finished result.

"The job I finished close to the North Pole was fairly intense, so at the end of films, I like to do something that might be something as simple as paint a nail black or get a haircut... or shower," he told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her show on Wednesday. "I decided to dye my hair... so I went to (drug store) Rite Aid and spent about $80 on L'Oreal's finest.

"It went f**ked up. It went bad... It went purple, and then it went p**s yellow, and then it went... foxy silver-grey."

Colin later admitted he panicked because he didn't want to show up on the set of his next project, Matt Reeves's comic book thriller The Batman, in which he plays Penguin/ Oswald Cobblepot, with grey hair.

"I had somebody come by and fix it, a friend," the 43-year-old added. "It was misguided but it was something to kill a few hours."

The Irish star will appear opposite Robert Pattinson's Batman and Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman in the film, which is due to begin shooting next month. The Batman is slated for release in June 2021.

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