Cole Sprouse urged KJ Apa to get a stylist

KJ Apa

KJ Apa hired a stylist after his Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse urged him to "sort out" his fashion.

The New Zealand-born actor, who has earned himself a legion of fans by playing Archie Andrews in the teen drama, is known for being in great physical shape, something which he regularly shows off in topless scenes and photos.

But in an interview with Men's Health magazine, KJ admitted that while he cares about his body, he doesn't put much thought into his clothing.

"I'm a very instinctual shopper, and very impulsive," he said. "I'll go out, I'll see something, I don't even try it on. I just buy it."

However, KJ, who likes to experiment with bright colours, bold patterns, oversized, comfortable shapes, was forced to reassess his choices two years ago when he was confronted by Cole, 27, who told him, "Bro, you need a stylist."

"I was showing up to red carpets in jeans and button-down T-shirts. And I realised, 'Yeah, I've got to get this sorted out,'" the 22-year-old reflected.

KJ enlisted the help of stylist Warren Alfie Baker, who has worked with the likes of Miles Teller and Lucas Hedges, and he now feels more confident in dressing formally.

"Confidence is everything. Otherwise, everyone can see you look uncomfortable, and it's not a good look," he insisted.

Elsewhere in the interview, KJ revealed he was still trying to find a balance between working out constantly and giving himself a break.

"It's important to give yourself balance, which is still something I'm trying to learn. Like, to work out hard for three weeks, take a week to chill. Otherwise, you burn yourself out, and I've experienced that," The Last Summer star shared. "But, I mean, look at Dwayne Johnson. He gets it done."

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