Coffee company to pay someone £24k to quit their job and travel the world

Lauren Clark
A coffee company is offering to pay someone £24,000 to quit their job and travel the world [Image: Getty]

Ever felt like jacking in the day job to travel the world? Well, it could easily become a reality for you.

coffee company is offering to pay someone to jet around the globe.

STōK Cold Brew Coffee, who are based in the United States, are looking for three lucky people to quit their job and get travelling.

They’re providing a decent financial incentive of £24,432 and you’ll need to be available to go away for two weeks between the dates of October 1st and December 15th of this year.

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And our favourite bit: They’re calling it the STōK-bbatical.

So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one, although you’ll have to enlist some creative skills.

The brand - who specialise in cold brew coffee - want the three travellers to capture their experience through photos and video.

But how can you get in with a chance of a caffeine-funded getaway?

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To get in the running, you need to come up with “an awesome STōK-bbatical dream”.

Other required qualities include enjoying taking pictures, be happy posting to social media and have an “impeccable use of the hashtag game”.

The money will be split between the three travellers, with each given £8,144 as a stipend and £16,288 to cover travel costs.

If this sounds up your street, you need to email before September 2nd.

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You’ll also have to include 300 words on what you do now for a living, as well as explanation of what you’d rather do should you have a cool £24,000 in your account.

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