Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore

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But first, coffee. If you need to start your day with a cup or two, get smart and subscribe to one of these trustworthy coffee subscription services in Singapore.

Being home delivered, a coffee subscription service is convenient, it saves you time and money, and no need to worry about early morning coffee runs or forgetting to buy the coffee beans and coffee capsules! Plus, in some cases, you don’t even have to brew the coffee yourself; a coffee machine or experienced barista will do it for you.

Whether you want an iced latte, piping hot cappuccino or fresh cold brew, check out the many options you have for coffee subscription services in Singapore.

Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore
Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore


Never run out of coffee with a 12-month Nespresso Subscription. As a subscriber, you only pay S$1 for your selected Nespresso machine! Spend your credits on Nespresso coffee capsules with an offering of so many flavours to choose from, and on accessories such as gorgeous cups, glasses and coffee mugs.

Simply choose your consumption level and preferred coffee machine. Whether you drink espresso, cappuccino, latte or cold coffee, there’s an option for you. If your taste is pretty standard, with Nespresso EasyOrder, you can set up automatic and recurring orders that will be delivered to you whenever you want.

Check out the latest NESPRESSO x CHIARA FERRAGNI Limited Edition Summer Collection in collaboration with the renowned Italian entrepreneur. Nespresso machines and accessories have been transformed with her iconic designs.

If you need some inspiration, check out the iced coffee recipes made with these 3 Limited Edition coffee capsules: Coconut Flavour with a hint of vanilla; Freddo Intenso dark roasted coffee with toasted cereal notes; and Freddo Delicato lightly roasted coffee with fruity notes. The coffee blends have been specially crafted for the summer, for everyone’s tasty cold coffee moments.

Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore
Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore

Bettr Cloud Bar

If you are a habitual caffeine consumer, Cloud Bar by Bettr Coffee Co. is a coffee subscription service in Singapore to fuel your coffee cravings. Simply answer a quiz and the team will offer a customisable coffee subscription plan based on your consumption frequency, preference of beverage, and coffee habits.

With over 40 drink options from both specialty coffee and heritage coffee menus as well as a choice to deliver to preferred addresses or pick-up at their retail coffee bars at a pre-set timing, you can now enjoy stress-free coffee runs with your monthly coffee subscription which is flexible and can be changed according to your preferences. If you like a small snack with your coffee, they offer that too!

Wake up in the morning and look forward to the certainty of a freshly brewed beverage reaching your doorsteps. For companies, Bettr Cloud Bar allows you to offer a unique perk to your employees with individual drinks delivered to the office or homes.

With social and environmental sustainability taken into consideration, Bettr Cloud Bar has a few eco-conscious initiatives. With every coffee subscription, they plant a tree to help sequester carbon emissions from deliveries that support reforestation projects in East Kalimantan.

Also, bid good riddance to single-use disposables used for deliveries as they serve and deliver coffee in their own insulated, reusable tumblers and collect them back from you at the next delivery. These tumblers are commercially sanitised before entering circulation again in a zero-waste, closed-loop system.

Check out their bettr@home collections for options on ready-to-drink coffee and whole coffee beans subscriptions.

Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore
Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore

Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR)

At the very heart of CMCR, is quality, sustainable, specialty coffee, roasted with respect by a dedicated team in Singapore. Let the experts at CMCR do all the hard work for you to ensure you never run out of freshly roasted, delicious, specialty coffee again with their CMCR Coffee Subscriptions service.

Coffee Subscription for Blends is where you can make your selection from four, signature specialty coffee blends that will be sent out to you at your desired frequency starting from S$15.20 for 250g delivered weekly. The four signature coffee blends are: 22 Martin with notes of Dark Chocolate, Hazelnuts and Molasses; Lucky Basterd with notes of Floral, Blueberries and Tropical Fruit; Country Cousin with notes of Black Tea, Cherry and Candied Fruit; and CMCR Espresso with notes of Ripe Cherry, Stone Fruit & Milk Chocolate.

There are also Single Origin Subscriptions with the option of Espresso Roast or Filter Roast.

Have a question about how to subscribe and save? Email for more information.

Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore
Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore

Nylon Coffee Roasters

From just S$20 every month, sign up to the Nylon Filter Coffee Subscription programme that has been thoughtfully curated from the coffees they source through the year. Through the selection, you will be introduced to the interesting ways varieties, origins and processes can influence how coffees can taste.

Nylon Coffee Subscribers will also be given an insight into the seasonality of coffees from different origins throughout the year. Be it a preview of a new coffee, a different and unique offering of an exclusive micro-lot, priority access to new harvests from partner producers, or one of the favourites from the current lineup of coffees, unique experiences await while you enjoy your coffees at home.

Subscribers can always look forward to an exclusively curated coffee sourced specially for that month. For subscribers choosing to subscribe to the 2 bag option, you will receive that month’s subscription coffee, as well as another different coffee from the range of filter coffees available at that point in time.

Subscription orders are roasted on the first Tuesday of the month and ship out the day after. Sign up by the 28th of every month to commence your monthly coffee subscription for the following month. There is no binding period and you may cancel your coffee subscription anytime.

Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore
Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

Inspired by Mr Tan Tiong Hoe’s passion and knowledge of coffee, his son Jacob co-founded Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee to further the family business.

With Tiong Hoe Coffee Subscriptions, you can expect freshly roasted specialty coffee beans sent out to you within 48 hours of roasting. Also, no high upfront cost with their recurring subscription payments where you can save up to S$56 on coffee beans and delivery.

You have a wide selection of subscription plans to choose from: Single Origin Filter Coffee Subscription where you receive 2 bags of coffee a month on a rotation basis depending on your chosen flavour profile; Seasonal Espresso Blends Subscription Plan good for 1 to 3 cups of coffee daily; and Gachala (House Espresso Blend Subscription) noted for its flavours of stone fruits and Gula Melaka sweetness.

Choose to receive your coffee as whole beans, espresso (extra fine grind), moka pot (fine grind), aeropress (medium-fine grind), pour over brewers (medium grind), siphon (medium grind), or cold brew (coarse grind).

Vanilla Luxury
Vanilla Luxury
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