Where to eat: Yeh Ting Hainan Cuisine

You might be forgiven for thinking Yeh Ting Hainan Cuisine, with its coconuts and resort-feel facade, serves pina colada and mojitos.

Instead, diners here will find that the most popular and recommended dish is the Coconut and Chicken Soup Pot, which uses coconut flesh, water chestnut, fresh coconut water and alkaline water in its soup base.

Coupled with the healthier Kampong chicken, this Hainan dish gives your tastebuds a new experience as more ingredients are added to the pot in a six step process.

Situated on the second level of the Woodlands Civic Centre, Yeh Ting Hainan Cuisine has several selections for the soup pot, which starts at $28 for the Original with half a chicken.

You can also choose to add on your own seafood, meat, vegetables or beancurd items, or even Yeh Ting's Handmade paste and balls ($13 for the Combo Platter).

Helmed by head chef Christopher Teng, 41, Yeh Ting also features other cuisine aimed at those seeking healthier options.

For example, the Sautéed Beef with Pineapple ($12) uses beef from New Zealand lower in saturated fat and richer in omega-3 fatty acids.

The Handmade Black Beancurd ($9), on the other hand, uses black beans from Hainan, and its Chinese name, 自制火山黑豆腐, is inspired by the volcanic lava area on the island.

There are also rice options, such as the X.O. Preserved Pork Sausage & Waxed Pork Claypot Rice ($18), as well as desserts like the Coconut Milk Pudding ($4.80) and the Papaya & Coconut Pudding ($4.80).

Yeh Ting also serves a variety of drinks to go along with your meal, such as a Sea Salt Lemon Drink ($3.80 a glass).

And while it doesn't have pina coladas and mojitos, beers and wines are on the menu, too.

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