Coco Lee performs with Stefanie Sun at concert

13 Sep - Coco Lee recently surprised fans at her concert by welcoming a special guest - Singaporean singer-songwriter, Stefanie Sun.

According to Epoch Times, the singer, who was performing at the Wuhan Sports Concert on 9 September as part of her tour, shared the stage for the first time with Stefanie, of whom she called friend of many years as they perform the song, "Encounter" as their duet.

Stefanie shared that she was ecstatic to perform with Coco, who had inspired her to become a performer in the past.

"Coco debuted much earlier than me. I would often see Coco singing and dancing on television, and it gave me a lot of motivation to perform myself," she said.

On the other hand, Coco shared that her elder sister is a fan of Stefanie's, adding that her sister was ecstatic upon hearing the singer will be joining her at the concert.

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