Coca-Cola moves 'secret formula'' to new vault in Atlanta

Coca-Cola has moved the "secret formula" for its international brand-name soft drink to an impressively high security-looking vault in Atlanta.

On Thursday, the company released photos of the formula’s new home as part of a promotional campaign for its shrine-like World of Coca-Cola museum, where the recipe is now entombed in a massive steel vault.

Since its creation 125 years ago, Coca-Cola has kept its formula a jealously guarded trade secret, spinning elaborate marketing mythologies about the ingredients and the people who know them.

For example, until this week, the only official written copy was supposedly held under lock and key in a bank vault. Only two people at any given time are supposed to know the secret formula. And the same two people are prohibited from taking the same plane in the event it crashes and the trade secrets are taken to the grave.

According to Beverage Digest, the secret formula was moved from a SunTrust bank vault in Atlanta.

Earlier this year, weekly radio show "This American Life" out of Chicago, claimed it had decoded the recipe after finding the original recipe buried quietly in the back pages of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution circa 1979 -- a publication dedicated to the birthplace of this caramel-colored soda pop. Among the purported secret ingredients are coriander, nutmeg, orange and lemon oils.

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