Coach Open Road: A New Fragrance Inspired By Friendship, Adventure And Optimism

Coach Open Road is the Maison’s latest fragrance for men, inspired by friendship, adventure, and the optimism of a road trip along the American West Coast

Inspired by the spirit of New York City, hometown of Coach, the fashion house has always championed the courage to live authentically through its seasonless fashion, crafted to last – for you to be yourself in. Beyond clothes and accessories, the vision also prevails in its fragrances – most notably, the latest olfactory portrait for men titled Coach Open Road. 

Circling on the notion of authenticity and spontaneity, the campaign – created in collaboration with creative and long-time collaborator Fabien Baron – celebrates true friendship. “It tells the story of friends in search of adventure as they take a road trip along America’s picturesque West Coast,” mentioned in a press release. A cinematic snapshot of friendship, the campaign reminds us that the real beauty of the journey isn’t the destination but the experiences along the way – metaphorically and literally. 

It’s this spontaneous energy and optimism that inspired perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault. 

To replicate the winds of adventure, Hérault opens the dynamic opus with crisp, refreshing top notes of juicy red apple and sparkling lemon Primofiore, accentuated by an energising dose of spicy Sichuan pepper. Upon the first spritz, it permeates the room with an evocative air. Before the invigorating scent dissipates, a vibrant blend of lavender and clary sage quickly follows – transporting us to places far from our familiar urban landscapes. Finally, the fragrance dries down to a contemporary duo of patchouli, vetiver, and the woody softness of cedar, a tribute to the landscapes we’d cross to reach our destination. 

Arriving in a transparent glass finished with a gunmetal cap inspired by the house’s iconic turn-lock hardware, the formulation mirrors the visuals; the fragrance itself has a grey-blue shade reminiscent of the coastal horizon. Available at Takashimaya for $132 (100ml), $102 (60ml), and $69 (40ml), Open Road perfectly encapsulates the feeling of camaraderie, rekindling your craving for kinship and adventure with every spritz. 

(Visuals: Coach Open Road)