CNY 2022: How Asian celebrities and influencers ushered in the Year of Tiger

(PHOTO: Zoe Tay/Instagram; Chryseis Tan/Instagram; Namewee/Instagram)
(PHOTO: Zoe Tay/Instagram; Chryseis Tan/Instagram; Namewee/Instagram)

The Year of the Tiger is here! With the ongoing pandemic restricting five visitors a day to a residence in Singapore, Chinese New Year celebrations are still happening, albeit low-key and with less fanfare. Yahoo Life SEA looks at how some of the celebrities in Singapore and Malaysia celebrated their new year, dressing up in new #ootds and enjoying time with friends and family.

1. Zoe Tay

The Queen of Caldecott Hill shared a series of adorable photos with her son and her dog Niu Niu to celebrate day two of the Chinese New Year. She also captioned it with: “My zodiac is a goat, and yours is a tiger. ‘Sending a goat to the tiger’s mouth.’ We are destined to be together forever. Hugging the little tiger of mine during the Year of the Tiger. I am feeling blessed.” Zoe Tay had also wished everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year with a post the day before.

2. Fann Wong

Likewise, Fann Wong also shared a series of photos with her son Zed Lee, wishing her followers a wonderful Chinese New Year. “Wishing that my son will be healthy and my husband who is playing golf today will play beautifully,” she continued. Her husband, Christopher Lee, who is currently overseas, commented with laughing and kissy faces, writing “Huat ah” in Chinese.

3. Namewee

Malaysian singer and director Namewee uploaded a series of photos of him wearing a tiger print outfit, complete with tiger claws gloves and money sign glasses. He jokingly wrote in Chinese, “You can print out this series of photos and stick it on your door to avoid evil” while wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.

4. Stefanie Sun

Local singer Stefanie Sun shared a series of photos, including a close-up of her face and Chinese New Year decorations at her house, captioning the images with “Happy New Year! Let’s get fat together!!” Her hashtags included a candid “#ILovePineappleTartsThe Most” in Mandarin.

5. Herman Keh

Sharing a simple look on day two of Chinese New Year, Mediacorp actor Herman Keh shared an appreciation post for his neighbour. “Appreciation post for the effort my neighbour put in for this masterpiece,” he wrote before wishing his followers a huat (prosperous) year ahead.

6. Chryseis Tan

Malaysian socialite and influencer Chryseis Tan shared family photos with her husband Faliq Nasimuddin, daughter Arianna, and her parents. In subsequent posts, Tan shared that day one of Chinese New Year was about “Spending time with my fam”, and the whole family flew off for a “mini fam vacay” on day two.

7. Syed Saddiq

Malaysia’s Member of Parliament for Muar, Syed Saddiq, posted an Instagram reel to wish “all my brothers and sisters a Happy Chinese New Year!” In the video, he was seen explaining the meanings of the Chinese couplets in English with entrepreneur Dian Lee before ending it candidly with a visual of his cat Toby as a guest star.

8. Rui En

Posting photos of her out on the sea in a gorgeous red dress, Singapore actress Rui En wished her followers Happy New Year, writing, “May all of you stay healthy and have abundant joy and peace! HUAT AH!”

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