CNY 2022: For an auspicious year ahead, here are some tips prior to recommencing work

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Whether you are a business owner or working for a company, starting work on a good note in the new year is a symbolism of abundance. Likewise, choosing to recommence business on a good date and time is believed to help usher in positive energies and progress steadily through the upcoming year.

To know more about the idea behind choosing an auspicious date and time to recommence work, Yahoo Life SEA speaks to Master Louis Loh of the Fengshui Republic, where he shares tips on how to harness the best energies for this formality and things to look out for.

“Choosing an auspicious time to recommence work is very important as it will symbolise a great start to the new year. It allows us to harness the best energies to garner good fortune in the upcoming year. To start things off well is halfway to success!”

Out of the 15 days during the Chinese New Year period, Master Louis identified the five best days where recommencement of work can occur.

These dates include 4 Feb, 7 Feb, 8 Feb, 10 Feb, and 13 Feb. In their charts, those with horse, rooster, dog, rat and rabbit zodiac should avoid these dates, respectively. Along with the dates are the auspicious time to begin work in the new year, with 4 Feb being from 7am to 9am, 7th, 8th, and 10th Feb at 9am to 11am, and the best time to recommence work on the 13 Feb is between 11am to 1pm.

While the suggested dates are great for those who can take extended time off work during the festive period, Master Louis also noted that not everyone could have the leeway for a longer break.

“If your zodiac clashes on the day you have to recommence work, avoid being the first into the office,” he advised. “To minimise the clash, greet your bosses and colleagues with auspicious sayings and maintain a great attitude during work.”

For those who can recommence work during an auspicious date and time, the Feng Shui master has a few tips for you to garner the best energies for the new year.

“If you are working as part of a team, enter the office together to garner great teamwork energies for the new year. Also, those who are employed, remember to greet your bosses with auspicious greetings when you recommence work,” he shared.

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Red packet with gold coins. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Likewise, bosses need to make sure their subordinates are happy when they return to the office for the new year. “Giving an angbao to your subordinates symbolises giving them good energies for the upcoming year and is believed to help garner positive energies at work for everyone.” In addition, having a team meeting on the day makes you recommence work, especially for those whose jobs rely a lot on teamwork, and setting goals together as a team is also a great way to harness positive energies for your working space.

Master Louis has another tip for those whose salaries depend on commission. “If you can close a deal on the day you recommence work, it would symbolise a smooth-sailing year ahead in your career.”

Changing away old office stationery and bringing a new cup to work are recommended when you step into the office for the first time in the new year. As water symbolises wealth in Feng Shui and stationery represents knowledge, this action indicates an increase in your wealth and knowledge in 2022.

Furthermore, for those who want the best dates for recommencement of work, Master Louis had also developed a system to send out personalised dates for free. They can differ from the general auspicious dates as they are calculated according to your birth chart.

Last but not least, Master Louis reminds everyone to brush up on their auspicious greetings before stepping into the office. “Saying auspicious greetings can not only make your bosses and clients happy, but they also help to boost your interpersonal relationships for the new year!”

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