Are clear straps the next big bikini trend?

Alice Sholl
We want to draw the rest on [Photo: Missguided]
We want to draw the rest on [Photo: Missguided]

Admit it; string bikinis are unsettling (there’s always the sense that a breeze could blow them off your body, no?)

As are bras with clear straps, though they’re a necessary evil for times we choose to wear unconventionally-shaped dresses.

Missguided, however, has chosen to combine these two perplexing garments into one – a clear-strapped bikini.

For £18.00, you can have a complete black clear strap triangle bikini set.

It’s as if Kim Kardashian’s Yeezy Cinderella shoe made love to perfectly normal black bikini.

Well, there’s no denying it’s minimalist [Photo: Missguided]
Well, there’s no denying it’s minimalist [Photo: Missguided]

The cups seem to hover in mid air, and look as if something needs adding to them.

If you want people to double take after spotting you on a beach, it’s surely the bikini for you, and we’ll hand it to Missguided that it is pushing fashion boundaries.

Racked writer Rebecca Jennings made the apt observation that it looks as if parts of a bikini were lost in a computer glitch, and named the creation an “un-kini”, which also suits it.

It’s still more sensible than loads of denim items we’ve seen on sale lately, at least.

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