The New Clash de Cartier Collection Is A Treasure Trove Of Inventive Styles

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Clash de Cartier
Clash de Cartier

When you think of fine jewellery, Cartier comes to mind.

The renowned Maison has been crafting opulent rings, bracelets, watches and necklaces that have passed tests of time for 175 years. Through the decades, the brand has continually reinvented itself, melding its house codes with newer styles to satiate a wider audience. In 2019, the French house debuted Clash de Cartier, a treasure trove conceived to reimagine the aesthetic of its heritage and cultivate contrasts.

With the use of signature beads and studs, the repertoire also highlights Cartier’s penchant for geometry. As the eponymous name suggests, the collections see a clash of opposites, amplifying the dualities within the Maison’s codes, playing with duplication and textural counterparts to create a visual language of rhythm and intensity.

In its latest collection, the signature row of clou carré studs is doubled up in a new ring and pair of earrings as well as a flexible bracelet and necklace of elegant articulation in rose gold and rose gold set with diamonds. With sculptural in mind, the Maison completed the series with twin rows of studs in between the striking backbone of the collection, adding volume and captivating the eye.

To further accentuate contrasts with volume, the new XL accessories tapped on the collection’s signature picot stud, placed across a dividing line of diamond paving. On the other side, a round onyx bead adds depth and a soft, seamless volume that juxtaposes the assertive rhythm and shining rose gold of the pointed stud.

Though simple, albeit elegant aesthetics, these pieces evoke a complexity that draws upon generations of savoir-faire. To maximise sparkle while keeping the instantly recognisable lines of the Clash de Cartier collection, the lapidarist had to overcome sundry technical and aesthetic challenges to create the geometric beads of onyxes.

With comfort at the core, the Maison employed up to 600 different components assembled to ensure maximum fluidity. By melding functionality with the goal of cultivating contrasts, this series reveals timeless elegance with a rebellious spirit, projecting the uncompromising aesthetic of punk as the tactility invites a playful interaction from the wearer.

(Images: Cartier)

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