Claire Danes knew husband Hugh Dancy was the one when he showed off crafting skills

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy

Claire Danes fell for husband Hugh Dancy after he helped her organise an ornament-making party one Christmas.

The actress, who won her first Golden Globe at the age of 14 for her role as Angela Chase in My So-Called Life, confessed in a new interview with Porter magazine that she "was properly odd" as a child and always felt "nerdy" growing up.

"I was weird. I'm not being cute - I was properly odd. I didn't know how to hang out; I had to be applying myself all the time," she explained. "I have never skipped a class in my life, my socks are always pulled way up to my knees. I'm supremely nerdy; I was never cool."

She went on to share that she was initially attracted to Dancy because he was "a big nerd, too," but he sealed the deal by showing off his crafting skills at a Christmas party.

"When we first started sorta-kinda-dating for real (ish), I had an ornament-making party for Christmas, and he helped organise it," the Romeo + Juliet actress remembered. "Then he made an ornament of cowboy paper dolls, and I thought, 'and he crafts?' That was it. You have me for the rest of our lives."

The couple wed in 2009 and share two kids - sons Cyrus Michael Christopher, seven, and Rowan, 17 months.

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