‘City Fisherman’ Abrupt Kyung Kyu and his Serious Composed Fishing…

[by Ent Team] 3 men have gathered together through fishing.

On September 6th, Channel A reported, “ Actor Lee Deok Hwa, comedian Lee Kyung Kyu and rapper Microdot’s full-scale fishing variety program ‘Just Trust and Follow Me, City Fisherman’ (hereafter City Fisherman) will have its first broadcast on September 7th”.

What are three viewer points of ‘City Fisherman’?

First, is the combined fishing experience of 100 years, the heated fishing battle.

The center of ‘City Fisherman’ is fishing. Lee Deok Hwa boasted of getting 200 fish in Wangpo and shouted, ‘two hundred!’ Absorbed in his fishing victory, when he couldn’t get a hold of meat, he swore and grunted like an animal at the production team, his angry image made everyone laugh.

Lee Kyung Kyu started a diss war with Lee Deok Hwa. He bragged of his confidence against Lee Deok Hwa, “I have the fish of the belly, it won’t go out like sushi (the way that Lee Deok Hwa hyeong did).”

Microdot is an expert with big game. He showed swag that wouldn’t lose to his hyeongs as someone who has experience catching whoppers in New Zealand’s coastal waters.

The second viewing point is the moment they put the fishing rod down, the reversal of their character into fishing people. The moment the fishing rod is put down the three reorganize their order and form a chemistry which is entertaining to watch.

The third point is defining “fishing”, and the satisfaction of the live fish ‘eating show’ that unfolds.

Microdot shows extraordinary skills at cutting raw fish, satisfying the two hyeongs. Especially Lee Deok Hwa expresses with his whole body and sounds, “It’s an art”, “Uwaaa”, etc. at the thickly sliced sashimi eating show that unfolds.

Meanwhile, Channel A ‘Just Trust and Follow Me, City Fisherman’ will have its first broadcast at 11pm on the 7th. (photo by Channel A)

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