Cilla Kung releases photo-book on 10th year anniversary

14 Sep - Singer-actress Cilla Kung is releasing a photo-book to commemorate her tenth year in showbiz.

According to Mingpao, the singer, who is turning 31 this year recently shared that they are publishing a million copies of the first edition of the book, "SeeLaCilla", although she hopes that more copies will come out soon.

"I hope that it will not ended up being a limited edition, and that we will be able to enter the mainland market," she added.

Cilla also stressed that she didn't go the sexy route for the photo-book, saying that she wouldn't want to have to explain herself to her mother.

"My mother expressed the most concern about it. I had to explain why I would publish a photo-book," she admitted.

(Photo source: Cilla Kung Instagram)