Chynna Ortaleza stops at two children

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

29 Jan – Chynna Ortaleza recently admitted that she and husband Kean Cipriano have agreed to stop at two when it comes to having children.

According to GMA News, the actress, who is mum to four year-old Stellar and one year-old Salem, stated that it is already an overwhelming experience trying to juggle between being a mother and resuming her career.

"But then of course you have to balance things. You have an artist-husband, you're a muse to him, then after that, you're working in a label with so many artists with conflicting egos and everything. So what I do is I just soldier on, you know. That's what I do. I voice out all energies, good and bad. My team knows this," she said.

Ortaleza stated that she gets through hardship by just being blunt about everything - cry when she needs to, and laugh when she's happy. She added jokingly the fact that she and Cipriano are still going strong and have not filed for divorce proves that everything is going well.

When asked if she has plans to have another child, the actress stated that she and Cipriano are already satisfied with their two children, and agreed to not have baby number three.

(Photo Source: Chynna Ortaleza Instagram)