Mashed potatoes: do they have a place on your Christmas Day lunch plate?

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Some deem mashed potato a Christmas must-have. [Photo: Getty]

The nation is divided over whether or not mashed potato should feature in a Christmas Day dinner.

Those living in the North East of England are most likely to have mash as part of their festive feast, with three quarters in favour, according to a survey – compared to just one in five living in the South East who have it on their dinner table.

Over half of Scots would include it (53%) and just under one in two people in Wales (47%).

The survey was conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Seasonal Spuds – an initiative backed by British potato producers, Branston, in order to inspire Brits to eat more potatoes.

The results showed that across the country some 94% of people would opt for either roast potatoes or mash.

Perhaps surprisingly, four in 10 double up and have both varieties of the spud with their Christmas Day meal.

We quizzed our followers to see whether they consider the dish to be a staple for their Christmas Day meal.

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According to the results at time of writing, just under a third are pro-mash while the rest voted firmly against it - saying they were sticking with roasties.

As we understand it, this is not an either/or question.

Those in Team Mash consider the potato dish a complement to roasted potatoes and the two sides will often be placed next to each other on the plate.

The Yahoo UK team remained predominantly against mashed potato, save for one rogue staffer who said she eats it every Christmas Day alongside her traditional feast.

Yet some conceded that, while they had never eaten mash with their Christmas dinner before, they “wouldn’t say no”.

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Anecdotally, there was also talk of eating other mashed root vegetables – such as mashed swede or parsnip – alongside potatoes.

What’s your preference at Christmas: mash or no mash? Let us know in the comments.

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