Christine Kuo's puffy face caused by "oedema", not pregnancy

24 May – Hong Kong actress Christine Kuo recently denied rumours that she is pregnant with her first baby.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who seemed to have gained a bit of weight recently, shared that she actually experienced some swelling from taking a certain medication.

"I fell sick earlier, so I had been taking antibiotics for over a month. I had oedema because of it," she said.

Christine also revealed that husband William Lok was also infected while trying to take care of her, and they ended up staying in the hospital for three days.

"If there is any good news, I will definitely share it with everybody," she said.

The actress added that while pregnancy is not one of them, she has had a lot of happy things happening in her life recently, including her new project in mainland China.

(Photo Source: Christine Kuo Instagram)