Christine Kuo's camp clarifies wedding dress issue

23 Dec – Christine Kuo's camp has recently addressed allegations made by fashion designer Kev Yiu against the actress, for supposedly taking credit for his design of her wedding gown while criticising the said dress.

As reported on Mingpao, the manager, who was contacted by the media after Christine herself decided to keep mum about the issue, stated that they originally decided not to respond since Kev did not explicitly mention the actress by name. However, they had to address it as the issue does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.

"Christine's good friend Myolie Wu said that her partner designs wedding gowns and wanted to help get her a sponsorship and both parties seemed very happy after the wedding. Kev also posted a picture of it, so everything went well. I don't know why this came out after a year. Even Christine was confused," said the manager.

She also added that the whole thing was arranged by Christine's former company, and that the actress herself did not really communicate with the other party directly nor did she badmouth his creation.

As to whether the actress would take legal action against Kev, she said that they would consult their legal team about it though there is a likelihood such a thing won't happen.

"People who know Christine know that she is a simple person. There is no need to drag the issue on," she added.

(Photo Source: Christine Kuo Instagram)