Christina Ricci and Dianna Agron star in Roger Vivier campaign

Christini Ricci stars in Roger Viver's short film. Courtesy of Roger Vivier

Christina Ricci and Dianna Agron have been tapped to star in a campaign for footwear brand Roger Vivier.

The Sleepy Hollow actress and Glee star appear in the short film, titled "Abracashoes", by the luxury French brand's creative director Gherardo Felloni, who also makes a cameo in the clip.

In the footage, Ricci plays a magician and shoe thief, who is performing in a theatre. She chooses Agron's character, who is wearing a pair of black Belle Vivier pumps, from the audience to be her volunteer and she lies down in a box.

Ricci's illusionist performs a trick in which she saws Agron in half, but then steals the shoes from her feet while she's stuck in the box and runs away. The clip ends with Agron yelling, "She stole my shoes", and Fellini, as an audience member, laughing hysterically. Ricci is seen putting the shoes in an empty compartment of her magician's box, revealing that she has been collecting different versions of the Belle Vivier. She stores the pumps away as she whispers, "Abracashoes".

Explaining why he chose his campaign stars, Felloni described Ricci as "one of my dream actresses who I really admire" and Agron as "a talented young actress... Her beauty and sex appeal seduced me at first sight."

Felloni creative directed the film, which was helmed by Nicolangelo Gelormini and styled by Elisa Nadin. It was shot over two days at Milan's Teatro Gerolamo in December.

Abracashoes is the third film Felloni has made since joining the brand in 2018 - the first one starred French cinema icon Catherine Deneuve and the second featured Thelma & Louise actress Susan Sarandon.

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