Christina Hendricks used to make her own clothes

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks didn't realise making her own clothes when she was younger was odd.

The Mad Men star revealed in an interview with ABC's Popcorn that she began creating her own unique look with the help of her mother and only realised it was considered odd after her family relocated to Virginia when she was a teenager.

"I was this quirky weird kid that listened to New Wave music but wore Birkenstocks," she explained. "I would see something in a magazine and my mom would help me make clothes, like weird snakeskin pants. I didn't realise it was sort of odd until I got to Virginia and everyone was like, 'Trust me, you're weird!'"

"I immediately went into drama class which alienates you in some high schools already, but we were all creative weirdos together," Christina laughed.

And she insisted that despite playing put-together characters onscreen, she's still "100 per cent pure goth".

"Don't let my clothes fool you. As soon as I go home, I put on my black lipstick. I'm sure the goth girl is still in every role I do," the 44-year-old shared, adding that she's nothing like her character on the critically-acclaimed U.S. drama series.

"People assume that I'm sort of Joan from Mad Men. That maybe I'm a bit more stern or a little bit more uptight and put-together. I think people think maybe I'm prissy. I'm not. I'm a mess! I'm just a barefoot, jeans-wearing, dropping-things-on-the floor girl," she joked.

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