Christina Hall's Son Brayden Gives Her Design Advice to Help Surprise Her Clients

christina hall asks son brayden for design help
Christina Hall Asks Son Brayden for Design Help

Christina Hall's kids are no strangers to the design world. They've accompanied her on shopping trips for clients and even asked for their own bedroom makeovers. In an upcoming episode of Christina on the Coast, the latest kid-work crossover event involves Christina tapping her son Brayden for design help to surprise her clients.

In an exclusive preview, Christina brings the now eight-year-old to her client's Huntington Beach home to see if he has any last-minute ideas for the project. "We have about 48 hours before they move back in," she tells him.

She explains that she needs his help and a fresh set of eyes on the project. "This family's really been through it," she says of the major delays. "This remodel took forever, so Mommy needs to do something really special for them."

His first thought: Build another chicken coop, because the family already has one in their backyard. That idea didn't seem too thrilling to Christina, so she stepped outside with Brayden to brainstorm what else they could change in the backyard. Brayden then suggests adding more plants since the greenery is pretty sparse, and Christina agrees. While he thought watermelon plants and apple trees would do well, Christina suggested pretty potted trees instead.

"You know what I think?" Brayden continues. "We should make a fire pit right here."

Christina responds, "A fire pit? That's a very good idea. They could sit outside around the fire pit on cold nights, with some chairs around it and some pretty trees and a rug."

Brayden adds that a dining table would be great, too. That prompts Christina to reveal that the family loves to enjoy pizza nights, like their family. Brayden immediately suggests getting them a pizza oven. Christina also shares that one of the homeowners makes his own pizza dough, so maybe they could get the recipe. Brayden says he's excited but also clarified that he's not into gluten-free dough.

Christina is on board with all of it—the fire pit, dining table, pizza oven, and greenery. At the end of the clip, the pair decides to go shopping for the surprise backyard makeover. The full reveal airs during this week's episode of Christina on the Coast, which you can watch on HGTV at 9 p.m. or stream on Max at the same time.

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