Christina Aguilera credits Mulan song for 'jumpstarting' her career

Christina Aguilera credits Mulan song for 'jumpstarting' her career

Christina Aguilera has credited her song Reflection for "jumpstarting" her music career.

The former Mickey Mouse Club star released the song, which featured in Disney's animated movie Mulan, back in 1998, and revealed that the empowering track helped her land her first record deal.

"I auditioned with the song 'Reflection' and (it) coincided with getting my first record deal," Aguilera told Entertainment Tonight as she reflected on her almost 20-year career while being honoured at the Disney Legends Ceremony on Friday (23Aug19).

She kicked off the event by performing the song, and said it was nice to look back on her early days.

"The fact that I sang Reflection, which jumpstarted everything, getting my foot in the door. It's so cute and so amazing to look back and see the growth in your life, in your career and just in yourself. It's just a great day," she shared.

And Aguilera was honoured to have been chosen by Disney to receive one of their most prestigious awards.

"It's what's been a part of my career forever, as a child with the Mickey Mouse Club... It was a place where I truly felt accepted for the first time. I think that's why I'm so honoured to be a part of something so legendary and just so incredible to be part of the family," she smiled.

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