Christie Brinkley, 65, reveals how she keeps her body young: 'A lot of people my age don’t go out of their comfort zone'

Yahoo Style UK team
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Words: Raechal Shewfelt

Christie Brinkley, one of the newly revealed cast members for the upcoming season of US reality show ‘Dancing With the Stars’, is expecting some serious discomfort over the next few months. And she’s really looking forward to it.

“A lot of people my age don’t go out of their comfort zone,” the 65-year-old Brinkley tells Yahoo Entertainment.

“You know, they’ll say, ‘Oh, you know, my hip hurts, my shoulder hurts, my knees hurt.’ So do mine! But you know what? They hurt worse when I sit still.

“As long as I keep moving, I feel like I’m greasing my joints, and I’m, you know, holding it at bay. So I’m gonna go there and grease my joints and learn a few moves.”

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Brinkley wanted to compete for the Mirrorball trophy before, but the timing was never right.

“They’ve asked me every year to be on the show, and I always think, ‘Oh, that would be so fun,’ but my schedule never allowed it,” she reveals. “Every year that I said no and then I watched the show, I was like [whew], because I could never do that.”

The supermodel explains that, for her, making it past the first episode will be a big win.

In addition to the challenge of her age, Brinkley insists that she’s not a great dancer. She performed in the stage production of the musical Chicago, sure, but that’s it, although she always wanted lessons.

“When I try to dance to, like, any great music that happens to be on, usually people start laughing,” Brinkley says.

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She adds that her typical performances on the dance floor would be familiar to ‘Seinfeld’ fans.

“I kinda do the Elaine or whatever,” Brinkley jokes, “but I don’t have any cool moves.”

Previously, Brinkley has said her number one tip for timeless beauty is wearing sun protection.