Chrissy Teigen models leggings adorned with John Legend's face

Chrissy Teigen models her new leggings. Credit: Instagram - @chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen has modelled a pair of leggings cheekily adorned with an image of her husband John Legend's face.

The presenter/cookbook author showed off her hilarious new look on Instagram on Thursday, and gave her followers a sneak peek of the trousers while posing on all fours.

"We get... really random stuff sent to the house," Chrissy captioned the snap, which showcased the unique black leggings that featured a sultry-looking John in the middle of two hearts.

A pink and red-rainbow stripe can be seen running from the hearts down each leg, and Chrissy was happy to share her love for the design

"Thanks to whomever sent these," she posted on Twitter.

And Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski seemingly appeared to take credit for the unique gift, although fans and followers were unsure if he was joking.

"I'm happy you're enjoying them," the 35-year-old wrote, adding a red heart emoji.

Chrissy also took the time to call out an Instagram troll who accused her of Photoshopping the picture to make it look like she had a big bottom.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model previously opened up on disappointment over her small rear end, and took to Twitter last year to tell her millions of followers that she's "had no a*s forever".

However, when one user claimed she had edited the leggings to alter her behind, the 34-year-old fired back: "Maybe you've just never seen a girl in this position before but it's good for looking like you have an a*s."

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