Chrissy Teigen gets fans to vote for at-home concert outfit

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen wore a towel to her husband John Legend's at-home concert after letting fans vote for her outfit.

The All of Me hitmaker announced earlier this week that he would livestreaming a performance from his home on Instagram Live on Tuesday to entertain fans who were in self-isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Ahead of the mini concert, Chrissy shared pictures of four outfit options on Twitter and asked fans to help her pick between a strapless pink minidress, a plunging orange Saint Laurent minidress, a shimmery strapless gown, and a "simple house towel".

"Hi guys! getting ready for today's live concert... I need your help picking an outfit. Poll to come. Please look at the 4 before you vote!!" she wrote in the caption.

The latter was the most popular choice, with 61.9 per cent of voters picking the towel, followed by 17.5 per cent for the sequin gown, 11.8 per cent for the orange outfit, and 8.8 per cent for the pink minidress.

More than 110,000 fans tuned into Instagram Live to watch John performing his hits at the piano, which Chrissy sat on top of while wearing the towel.

However, midway through the concert, she took a break and returned in the sequin gown.

After the show, Chrissy told her Twitter followers she was going to "change into a robe - I couldn't do the itchiness!!" and donned an orange robe for the cooking segment of their Instagram Live gig.

"I had a really good time cooking and singing for you guys. I love you and it's gonna be okay. let's continue to make each other happy!!" the 34-year-old tweeted afterwards.

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