Chrissy Teigen Asked Twitter for Pregnancy Advice

Mallory Schlossberg
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Chrissy Teigen is, objectively, very good at using Twitter to get what she wants - be it bananas or reassurance from fellow parents that what's happening to her is totally normal.

Rather than fall down the hellish Google/WebMD well that seems to trap anyone with a health question and an internet connection, the pregnant star decided to ask her 8.7 million Twitter followers for their input:

Lots of moms weighed in. One comment on her post just says:

To which Teigen responded:

Another user got technical about it:

(For the record, she's right! Sometimes people on the internet do know what they're talking about.)

In addition to the biology lessons and the moms just chiming in to say, "Uh, yeah, that's totally normal," there was a third camp weighing in as well.