Chrissie Chau: Best Actress nomination is the best CNY gift!

12 Feb – Being nominated as Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards for the first time, Chrissie Chau admitted that she couldn't help but get excited about it.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke to the media about being nominated for her role in "29+1", stated that she didn't think too much about the nomination when she was first informed about it.

"When Joyce [Cheng] called me about it, I was not that excited. But then, the text messages started coming in, and people started congratulating me. I began to feel more enthusiastic about it," she said.

Chrissie stated that the nomination is the best gift for her in the Lunar New Year, and that she is also happy for co-star Joyce Cheng and director Kearen Pang for being nominated in the Best Supporting Actress and Best Director category, respectively.

On the other hand, "Tomorrow is Another Day" star Teresa Mo, who was also nominated in the category, stated that she is grateful for the nomination, but that she is happier that co-star Ling Man Lung is nominated as Best Actor.

(Photo Source: Chrissie Chau Instagram)