Chris Hayes Says Trump’s GOP Would Rather ‘Stop People From Voting’ Than Just ‘Win More Votes’

Chris Hayes on Thursday took a look at the Republican Party now that Trump has replaced everyone at the Republican National Congress with loyalists. And his summation was bleak. The GOP under Trump, Hayes explained, would rather “stop people from voting” than “just straightforwardly win more votes.”

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“Donald Trump’s relationship to democracy and self governance seems pretty straightforward,” Hayes said as he began the commentsary. “He doesn’t care about that. Because he doesn’t like to lose, right? He’s lost a democratic election. He’s desperate for criminal immunity. So it’s sort of instrumental for him. No democracy, no losing no problem.”

But Hayes argued that this is “deeper” than simple self-interest for Trump. “Opposing democracy isn’t just convenient for him. It’s actually a fixed strongly held ideological belief,” Hayes said.

As evidence, Hayes noted Trump’s constant praise for authoritarian dictators like Vladimir Putin. Trump, Hayes continued, “prefers dictatorship to democracy as a fixed principle, and not just on day one.”

This brought him to the discussion of Trump’s takeover of the RNC. In particular, Hayes noted how Trump’s opposition to mail-in voting has actually harmed the party’s efforts to win crucial elections because it encouraged rank and file voters to oppose it too. But now, the party has made that official policy/.

Mail-in and early voting is “a smart good tactic, right? It’s not a partisan or ideological issue at all,” Hayes said. “But now Donald Trump could be the next Republican president and his people have taken over the party.”

And the result: “Instead of making Republicans comfortable with early mail-in voting, they’re killing that idea,” Hayes said. “The new institutional ethos is less party of Lincoln and more My Pillow guy.”

Hayes noted how the RNC has also created a new position dedicated to “election integrity,” which is really just a plan to challenge any election result that doesn’t go Trump’s way. “The party he now runs… put their effort into trying to suppress the vote on Election integrity, stop people from voting, putting up hurdles rather than the effort they had in place to just straightforwardly win more votes.”

“Donald Trump hates the idea of people choosing their leader, he prefers if the leader could choose his people. It’s really one of his few deeply held core beliefs,” Hayes concluded.

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