Chris Hayes Laughs That Trump Is in ‘Panic Mode’ Over $464 Million Payment: ‘Cuts to the Bone’ | Video

Monday, March 25, is a big day for former president Donald Trump: the $454 bond he needs to post to comply with a New York court ruling will come due. Unfortunately for Trump, says MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, is Trump doesn’t have the money, and it’s not clear he can get it. This reality “cuts to the bone,” Hayes added.

“Donald Trump [is] the man who spent his entire public life building a mythology around himself as unfathomably wealthy and successful,” Hayes explained. But at the midweek mark, Trump is said to be in “panic mode” he continued in reference to an MSNBC discussion about the same topic.

Despite protestations to the opposite by his campaign team, no one is making it more clear that he’s worried about finding the money than Trump himself, Hauyes said. This afternoon Trump wrote what sure looked like panicked ranting on Truth Social, “This outrageous “Judgment” simply fails to recognize the COMPLETE VICTORY last year on the Statute of Limitations.”

“The Crooked Judge and Biased Attorney General disregard the Appellate Court ruling, which makes clear that most of the claims fall outside the Statute of Limitations, and none of their absurd arguments change that fact,” Trump also said.

Trump is lying here, by the way. Far from a “complete victory,” the multiply-indicted convicted fraudster has lost repeatedly — the claim that somehow statute of limitations applies here has been shut down in court multiple times.

Earlier in the segment, Hayes pointed to a Fox Business report about the big reason why Trump hasn’t been able to secure a bond from the 30 companies he’s asked: no one thinks he’ll actually be able to cover the money. “Things have gotten so dire, in fact, that former Trump staffer Larry Kudlow is now just, listen to this, openly begging billionaires to write the ex-president a check on the air.”

He then played a second clip in which Kudlow asked Kevin O’Leary if he would loan Trump the money he needs if he can’t find it any other way. O’Leary laughed the request off, but Kudlow isn’t the only one who has raised the idea of wealthy friends bailing Trump out.

“So this is where Trump is at,” Hayes said, “having his buddies beg for money on his behalf.”

Watch the clip from in the video above.

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