Chow Yun Fat's mother passed away

9 Mar – Following the news of the death of Aaron Kwok's mother, it was recently reported that Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun Fat has also lost his mother in the same month.

As reported on Mingpao, the sad news was shared by Chow's sister Chow Chung Ling, who revealed that their elderly mother passed away in her sleep last 13 February.

"On the night of her passing, she had an early dinner and went to sleep. The maid went to check on her later on, but she did not respond, so we were contacted. She went in peace. At her age, it was a beautiful way to leave," she said.

As to how her brother had taken the news, Chung Ling assured that the actor is doing fine and has been mentally prepared for it for a long time.

"He constantly visited her, and if there was anything she wanted to say, she had said it a long time ago," she added.

Chow's sister also stated that their mother will be buried in Lamma Island near their late father.

She was 98.

(Photo Source: Singtao)