Chow Yun Fat files lawsuit against "From Vegas" producer

5 Feb – Chow Yun Fat's company, Artistic Talent Productions has filed a lawsuit against Bona Film Group over outstanding payment issues for the actor's work in the hit Lunar New Year franchise, "From Vegas to Macau".

As reported on Epoch Times, the company, in cooperation with Misto Trading, lodged a complaint with the Hong Kong High Court - stating that Bona Film Group has breached the contracts signed in July 2013, 2014, and 2015 over the three movies of the aforementioned franchise.

They also demanded that the defendant pay the outstanding fee and additional compensation - an amount which has not been revealed to the media.

The "Vegas to Macau" trilogy, directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Jing, were among the biggest box office movies in the years they were released.

The series also reportedly accumulated over HKD 3 billion internationally.