Chow Yun Fat enjoys hiking despite the pandemic

7 Dec – Despite Hong Kong facing another wave of COVID-19, Chow Yun Fat is not deterred at all from enjoying his favourite past time - hiking.

As reported on Mingpao, the veteran actor, who was a familiar face to everybody who ever went hiking around Hong Kong and would sometimes go up the mountains with his own group of friends - was recently spotted prepping up for his mountain hike routine.

Speaking to the media about the situation with the pandemic, Chow stated that he still does his favourite activity.

"But we're obeying the two-person-only gathering restriction, so there won't be any hiking team for now," he said.

When mentioned that there are various restrictions in Hong Kong right now, Chow encouraged everybody to continue having a positive mindset, adding that he has nothing else to comment as everybody is giving their best effort.

"Life is tough, but you still have to live through it. We just have to face everything with positivity and optimism. After everything is over, after the pandemic is over, life will be better, everything will improve," he said.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)