How to choose the perfect bed based on bedroom's size

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How to choose the perfect bed based on bedroom
How to choose the perfect bed based on bedroom

31 Aug 2021: How to choose the perfect bed based on bedroom's size

Choosing a bed is as important as choosing a soulmate - you spend a considerable amount of your life with it! And though living in a small space seems practical and cozy, one of the challenges is selecting furniture that fits into it. Priyank Kanade, Senior Director of Furbicle, shared a guide on how to choose a perfect bed that fits into your bedroom.

#1: Measuring room space is the most important step

You might be tempted to select from the variety of beds online, but make sure you get your room's spatial planning right before you pick your options. If your room is tiled, measure the floor space which your bed will occupy, by counting the number of tiles in terms of length and width. In other cases, a tape measure is your best bet.

#2: What about the position?

If you need floor space to walk around, consider placing your bed against the wall in the corner. Ensure that any door leading into your room, or going to the bathroom, can open and close fully with your bed in the room. If placing your bed in the middle with three open sides is not feasible, try keeping it longways next to a window.

#3: Which one to choose: King, Queen, or Twin?

If you and your partner are cuddly sleepers, you might want to invest in a queen bed. Or, if you move around in your sleep and like your space, you can consider a king-size bed. A twin bed is the best option if you are the only inhabitant of your room, especially when you are trying to maximize space.

#4: Functionality is paramount

If you want a bed that makes your room feel bigger and more expansive, get a sleigh bed, a lofted bed, or a canopy bed. Lofted beds give you space underneath them to accommodate a desk or a bookcase. Canopy beds, on the other hand, give you an illusion of height. In essence, each design accentuates your room differently, so pick wisely!

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