How to choose curtains to add appeal to your rooms?

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How to choose curtains to add appeal to your rooms?
How to choose curtains to add appeal to your rooms?

19 Sep 2021: How to choose curtains to add appeal to your rooms?

Curtains add beauty to your rooms apart from providing privacy. If you choose the color and texture of curtains depending on your room and wall colors and also considering the ambiance, your home will get an amazing aesthetic appeal. It might sound easy, but it's actually quite a tedious task. So, if you are confused about how to go about it, follow these tips.

For windows: Don't cover the entire window with solid-colored curtains

If you are using solid-colored curtains for windows, avoid covering the entire window with them. Speaking about the fabric, use velvet or silk curtains in your office or formal rooms like the library. For a casual tone, you can go for linens, sheers, and lightweight cotton fabrics. Also, layered curtains add more beauty to large windows.

Living room: Choose curtains carefully for your living room

The living room is the one that gets maximum exposure. You also spend most of your time there. To make the environment comfortable, you can use heavy fabric velvet or silk curtains in the living room or as a partition from another room. If the furniture/walls have more prints, plain or multicolored curtains look good. For plain walls and uniform furniture, use printed/fancy curtains.

Hacks: A few techniques to arrange the curtains stylishly

Got a small window? No problem, because your curtains can make them look big! Arrange a rod in a way such that the curtain is two inches above the window frame. Pairing shades and natural-colored curtains are an all-time favorite combination, but this works only for long-length curtains and for walls. When using netted curtains, you can opt for multiple colors.

Factors: Roman shades work best for the purpose of privacy

Based on your taste, drape the curtains in a single "U" or double "U" format for an elegant look. When the curtains are arranged in multiple loops, your room not only looks beautiful but bigger, too. Apart from adding beauty, curtains should also provide privacy. If you feel they're not up to the mark, Roman shades are perfect to protect you against prying eyes.

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