Choi Si-won releases second apology amid threats of boycott

27 Nov – After failing to sway his mainland fans with his previous apology, Choi Si-won recently took to social media yet again to say sorry again for his previous Twitter likes.

As reported on Sohu, the Super Junior member, who triggered backlash after he allegedly liked an article on Twitter about the young Hong Kong protester who was shot by the police, posted another statement on Weibo on 26 November to stress that he has never been a supporter of the Hong Kong independence movement.

He wrote, "Hello everyone, this is Choi Si-won. I apologise for disappointing you and hurting your feelings earlier due to my mistake on Twitter. In particular, as an artiste, I have failed the expectations and trust you have given me, and I feel very sorry and unhappy. I have never denied and changed the idea and position that Hong Kong is an integral part of China!"

"Finally, I would like to express my deep apologies again to everyone, sorry."

The new apology was quite different from his previous statement released on 24 November, which read, "I have expressed my concern with the idea of hoping that the riots and violence will calm down as soon as possible. Because of the controversy caused by this action, it has caused a lot of debate and disappointed everybody. To that I express my most sincere apologies to everyone."

It is noted that mainland fans previously threatened to boycott the singer following the first apology, saying that it didn't sound sincere.

(Photo Source: Choi Si-won Instagram)