Choi Si-won accused of supporting Hong Kong protests

26 Nov – Korean singer-actor Choi Si-won recently released an ambiguous apology on Weibo after angering his mainland fans with one of his Twitter likes.

As reported on ET Today, the issue sparked recently, when the Super Junior member was revealed to have liked a tweet from Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo linking to an article about a 21-year-old Hong Kong protester getting shot by the police.

Mainland netizens who saw the screenshot of the said LIKE expressed their disappointment with Choi, with many assuming that liking the tweet means that the singer is supporting the Hong Kong protests.

One netizen even urged him to quit Super Junior and not to set foot on the mainland again.

In response to the backlash, Choi took to Weibo to express his apology, writing, "I have expressed my concern with the idea of hoping that the riots and violence will calm down as soon as possible. Because of the controversy caused by this action, it has caused a lot of debate and disappointed everybody. To that I express my most sincere apologies to everyone."

However, Chinese netizens who read the post were not at all swayed by the apology, with some saying that they will not forgive Choi and will always put their country above all else. Others also questioned the singer's sincerity as he hasn't posted the same apology on other social media platforms.

(Photo Source: Siwon Choi Instagram)