Chocolate lovers dissatisfied with shrinking Japanese Kit Kats

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Kit Kats in Japan are shrinking in size for the same price, and some customers are not happy.
Kit Kats in Japan are shrinking in size for the same price, and some customers are not happy. (Photo: Twitter/@narumikeiya)

When it comes to Japanese omiyage, otherwise known as souvenirs for friends, colleagues and family after returning from a trip, snacks like Tokyo Banana, White Lovers cookies, and Japanese flavours of Kit Kats are one of the must-buys. But Japanese netizens recently found out that these Kit Kats have shrunk in size, without a change in price.

Twitter user @narumikeiya tweeted a comparison photo showed the new Kit Kat is significantly shorter than the previous Kit Kat. There was also a difference of two grams in the weight of the packaged chocolate bars.

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Upon this revelation, Kit Kat fans have expressed shock and disappointment at the reduced size. But @narumikeiya highlighted that it was not his intention to blame Nestle, who produces Kit Kat. As a fan of Kit Kat as well, @narumikeiya simply wanted to vent his dismay, even if there may be reasons behind the shrinkflation.

In fact, @narumikeiya reflected that in order for companies to stop such shrinkflation, we had to increase disposable incomes and economic power, thus increasing consumption. To achieve this, we would need lower income inequality, higher wages, more stable and regular employment, and reduced burden on the low-income group.

Nestle Japan later clarified that consumers had been concerned about calories and sugar intake. From September 2020, they had made Kit Kat Mini to be bite-sized and adjusted the recipe by replacing part of the sugar with soy milk okara powder, resulting in at least a 10 per cent decrease in sugar used. Their press release listed that the original Kit Kat Mini has decreased in weight from 11.6 grams to 9.9 grams, while the Otona no Amasa (adult’s sweetness) series of Kit Kat Mini has decreased in weight from 11.3 grams to 9.7 grams.

The new Kit Kat commercial also guaranteed the chocolate bars have the same taste but with 10 per cent less sugar, saying you can “have more breaks” (have more Kit Kats).

If you still prefer the Kit Kat before the renewal — despite them being laden with more sugar and calories – you might still be able to get the last few packs in Japanese supermarkets like Don Don Donki!