Chloe Wilde says her outlook on her body has completely changed since becoming a mom: 'My body means so much more than a number on a scale'

The "Etalk" host shared her "body thoughts" five months after welcoming her son, Grey.

Chloe Wilde and her son, Grey. (Image via Instagram/thechloewilde)
Chloe Wilde and her son, Grey. (Image via Instagram/thechloewilde)

Chloe Wilde is opening up about her postpartum lifestyle changes that have helped her navigate early motherhood.

In a candid Instagram Reel on Monday, the Canadian TV personality shared insights into her transformative postpartum journey after welcoming her son, Grey, in October 2023.

Wilde outlined some key changes, like "eating more not less, water between coffee, protein shake first thing, lifting heavy, getting the f— outside daily, savouring sleep when possible, meal prepping on Sundays, trying to be more present, 10K steps daily, cold exposure," and "red light therapy."

In her caption, Wilde reflected on her changed perspective towards her body and health since becoming a mom.

"I used to count calories, I used to hate scales, I used to avoid bread and even bananas, I used to log everything I ate, I used to be consumed with thoughts about food, I used to hate my body," she penned. "Now my body means so much more than a number on a scale or a pant size — It built life, it created life and it continues to sustain life..."

She highlighted her commitment to strength, hydration and overall well-being, not just for her own health, but to be there for her son.

"I choose to be strong so I can pick up Grey and feel confident going up and down stairs with him," she said.

"I choose to have a healthy heart so I can run after him once he gets mobile. I choose to be hydrated rather than over-caffeinated to keep my anxiety manageable to be the best mom I can be," she continued. "I choose to get outside even when it’s crap weather because fresh air is good for the whole family. I choose health."

In the comments, fans praised Wilde for her honest post.

"Thank you for sharing this. I love your honesty so much it's so inspiring. It took me so long —years— to come to this same conclusion after I had my son," a follower said. "So you're already ahead of the game, and helping other mamas!"

"Love! Health is the most important thing for you and for your son. No matter your size or if you fit into societal beauty standards," someone shared.

"You're amazing!" another commenter wrote.

Last month, Wilde shared another candid Instagram post speaking on her postpartum journey, announcing she is in her "soft era."

"POV: You are four months postpartum and leaning into your soft era," she wrote in the on-screen text of a video of herself sitting in a sauna.

“Pressing pause on the hustle,” she continued in her caption. "Before having a baby my ‘Why’ in life was making the most of every day with a big focus on progressing towards my career goals, financial goals and an overall hustle mentality. I lived for organized chaos. I thrived in it."

Wilde also noted her previous lifestyle wasn't always the best for her health and well-being.

“I was also constantly on the verge of burnout, never feeling like I was doing enough and my cortisol was all over the place,” she shared.

"Overnight my hustle ceased to exist and it felt like whiplash," she said. “Leaning into my soft era. Where life moves slower and I’m more intentional with my free time. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a few exciting projects happening behind the scenes but my big focus every day is baby Grey and taking care of myself."

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