Chloe Sevigny gifts perfume to her doorman

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny often gifts brand-new fragrances to the doorman at her apartment building.

The Boys Don't Cry actress has teamed with the founders of Regime des Fleurs, her longtime friends Alia Raza and Ezra Woods, on a new perfume called Little Flower.  

But while Chloe is a big fan of fragrance, and used to collect perfumes when she was a child, she now doesn't have room to store all of her scents and often hands new versions or samples over to her doorman and close pals to test out.  

"It's difficult because I get sent perfumes. I work with so many different fashion companies and go to events and they give you bottles. I like to give them to my doorman," she smiled in an interview for Fashionista. "But when my friends come over, I always have a box full of cosmetics and fragrances and my friends are always the first to (get them)." 

Chloe spent more than a year working on different scent iterations for Little Flower, before settling upon the eau de parfum's composition, which includes notes of blackcurrant, peony, pomelo, Turkish rose absolute, and black tea.  

And while it's possible to spray on too much fragrance, the star is adamant that she spritzes on her scent at least seven times each morning.

"Around my neck, on my arms, my head, and a couple down my body, and that's before I put clothes on, when you're still, like, wet out of the shower," the 44-year-old explained of how she applies perfume. "And after I put my clothes on, I'll do like two, three more sometimes. I do that and kind of rub in and rub it around."  

Little Flower retails for $205 (£169).  

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