The Chito x Givenchy collab continues with an NFT sale

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The collaboration between the artist Chito and Givenchy now takes the form of a series of NFTs.

After calling on the graphic artist Chito for its spring 2022 collection, Givenchy is taking the partnership a step further by auctioning off a series of NFTs featuring some of his most iconic characters. Featured on OpenSea, the sale will benefit a Dutch organization involved in ocean cleanup.

The fashion industry's latest obsession, NFTs are -- for anyone who might have missed it -- non-fungible tokens that allow their owners to acquire a rare or unpublished digital object. After taking over contemporary art, NFTs have been catching on in other worlds, including music and fashion, much to the delight of their stakeholders, who are embracing the infinite field of possibilities offered by the metaverse.

After Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld, and Rebecca Minkoff -- among others -- Givenchy is the latest fashion label exploiting the full potential of NFTs by featuring the work of the Seattle-born, Mexico-based graphic artist Chito and, more precisely, some of his most iconic characters. Already seen on pieces from Givenchy's Spring 2022 collection -- including sweatshirts, pants and sneakers -- the airbrushed visuals have now been transformed into a series of NFTs, reports the specialist site Women's Wear Daily ( WWD ).

There's the famous dog with raised eyebrows, an angry girl, or a moon shedding a tear, all of which is sometimes embellished with the emblematic Givenchy logo, replacing the mouths of certain characters to quirky effect. The auction will be held on the OpenSea platform from November 23, where it's already possible to view these digital creations.

All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the environmental organization The Ocean Cleanup, which develops technologies to combat plastic pollution in the oceans.

Christelle Pellissier

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