Chinese Zodiac: Monthly Forecast For May 2021 Babies (May 5 – June 4)

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The Chinese believe that one’s date of birth can determine his or her character, health, as well as suitable careers. This monthly forecast article will give insights into what the future holds for babies born between 5th May and 4th June 2021.

Monthly Forecast For May Babies: May 5-June 4

monthly forecast
monthly forecast

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Babies born in this period are diligent and practical individuals who value trustworthiness. They handle tasks within their means in an orderly manner, not hankering after ill-gotten gains. Being financially adept, they are honest businessmen and do not take shortcuts.

Their rational personality and innate talent for wealth management allow them to excel as accountants and auditors. Babies born in this period are also meticulous with high demands for quality, making them the ideal candidates for careers in quality management.

funny asian names
funny asian names

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However, their conservative and thrifty nature may lead them to be overly cautious and lack the drive to pursue change or step out of their comfort zone.

Parents can encourage their children to be bolder in taking risks to achieve better results. They should also teach their children the merits of sharing to prevent them from becoming materialistic in their adulthood.

monthly forecast
monthly forecast

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Babies born in this month have a warm body constitution. Thus, it is recommended that they avoid fried foods and exercise regularly.

When selecting a name for their child, parents should consider choosing one with strokes that incorporate the Metal and Water Elements.


Continuing the good luck trend from last month, your life might be extremely busy as a result. However, you may feel that this busyness is extremely meaningful and joyful. Obstacles can be overcome this month and your sense of accomplishment will multiply. As this will be a busy month, do not forget to watch your health and receive ample rest. You may wish to go for a health checkup once you are free.


monthly forecast
monthly forecast

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Your luck has increased noticeably and good things are awaiting you. Your interpersonal relationships are looking good and you can try to actively seek out friends who are born in the year of the Rat to collaborate with on projects. Your wealth luck is average this month, so avoid spending large sums of money. Think twice before making any risky investments. Make a financial plan and be wise with your spending.


There will be increased stress from your work. However, as long as you face it with a calm heart and can be accepting of gains and losses, you will be able to handle everything. Take note of the health of your family and yourself. Consider consuming healthier foods to replenish the nutrients your body needs. Be wary of sharp objects and store them properly after use.


As long as you put in the effort in your career, you will be aptly rewarded. Remember that success is only possible with diligence, and only through constant learning and practicing will you climb to greater heights. If there is anything you are unsure of, be sure to ask questions. Do not be a smart alec or you may be embroiled in disputes and quarrels. Socialise more and you may meet your ideal partner.


Life has calmed down again. Those who were born in the year of the Dragon are in luck, for you will be helped by benefactors this month. Even though there are various obstacles in your life, they will not cause you much harm and you will be able to deal with them effectively. If you need to negotiate or enter into business talks with others, do so after work hours (in the evenings) and you will get twice the result with half the effort.


Mind your own business in the office and try not to meddle in the business of others. Not only will it be a waste of time and effort, it will also bring about unnecessary troubles. If you can, provide help and suggestions but do not jump in with both feet without knowing all the facts. As your love luck is not looking too good, there will likely be dissensions between you and your partner when handling matters.


monthly forecast
monthly forecast

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Both your health and finances may suffer this month. If you are facing problem money can solve, then treat it as a lesson learnt. Spending time on trivial issues will only lead to more frustrations, so prioritise your tasks by importance and strive to be productive. If you lose money, you can make it in the future, so there is no need to brood over it.


Formulating a suitable development plan will be helpful to your work or career. Your wealth luck is rising slightly and your income is stable. However, keep in mind that the risk of investing is likely to be higher than the gains. Do not part with your hard-earned money without making sure where it is going.


You will become more pragmatic and be able to face problems in life more rationally. While you may experience confidence issues, you should not doubt your ability. Stay true to the promises to your partner and do your best to support them. Some unexpected events might happen at home this month.


With your experience, you are able to lead your team in the right direction. You will soar to new heights and maybe rewarded handsomely at the end of the year. Even though your wealth luck is on the rise, you still need to march on steadily at work. Your family is growing to be more tightly knitted and the relationship between everyone is harmonious. This is the result of you showing willingness to communicate.


monthly forecast
monthly forecast

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Work hard, play hard! Do not bring the dejection you feel at work into your personal time, for there should be a balance in life. Your academic luck will improve as you will take the initiative in your studies this month. As you set higher expectations and exercise more discipline, your school grades will improve as a result.


Being abroad for a long time or travelling often for work will affect your love luck. Those who are in a relationship will find that you are prone to arguments that may lead to breakups. If you wish to maintain a close relationship, be more tolerating and understanding with your partner. Do not argue over insignificant matters.

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